Ferei is committed to become a world-renowned brand of outdoor and sports lights and equipment brand. It was founded in 2006 in Shenzhen, China to provide the world's best outdoor lighting and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports players.

Since 2009, FEREI has been providing the world's top players with a stable and reliable light track.

FEREI sponsored Flying cross-country race:

 In 2012, Australian player Brendan Davies achieved good results with FEREI HL20 in the UTMF2012 (Ultra Trail Mount Fuji) event and highly approved the FEREI headlight.

In 2013 Anton Krupicka, USA, Used FEREI Headlights at UTMB 2013 (Ultra Trail Mont Blanc North Face)and obtained good results.

● In 2014, Famous French ultra trail runners Julien Chorier, Pascal Darre and others joined FEREI brand and used FEREI HL40 headlights in professional event.

 In 2015, FEREI sponsored Hong Kong "Dark 50 Mountain Marathon" 50 night mountain marathon, FEREI headlights in the event showed its charm during the night time.

 In 2016, FEREI sponsored Hong Kong "Dark 45" Night 45 cross-country race, the FEREI headlights brought joy to the racers during the race and specially in the night time.     

 In 2017, FEREI MacLehose “Trail Dark 45” Ferei  sponsored Hong Kong Night 45 Trail Endurance, more people fell in love with the FEREI headlights during the event.   

FEREI Bicycle Light: Bright Light in Night Race

● In 2011, the FEREI Cup Downhill (DH) event in China.

 In 2012, FEREI Cup Downhill (DH) tournament China.

● In 2013, FEREI Cup Downhill (DH) tournament China.

● In 2014, FEREI Cup Downhill (DH) tournament China.

 In 2015, FEREI Cup Downhill (DH) tournament China. 13 games

 In 2016, FEREI Cup Downhill (DH) tournament China. 13 games

 In 2017, FEREI Cup China Downhill (DH) Carnival Night Cross Country, 4 stops.


Ferei Events

 From 2009, FEREI started to sponsor the China KUNG bicycle team.

 In 2012, FEREI W170 diving light was selected as the military equipment of the Tunisian army.

 In 2012, the FEREI diving light series qualified into Ukrainian professional diving equipment.

 In 2013, FEREI W170 won the best waterproof diving light in Saudi Arabia.

● In 2014, FEREI was awarded a brand name for professional lighting and diving photography lighting in Italy and Finland.

 In 2014, FEREI brand was chosen as lighting partner for the “Ride in the Sky” event.

 In 2015, the FEREI diving torch W158 was designated as one of the coach's special lamps in the 150M to 200M deep diving activities in New Zealand.

 In 2017, Ferei sponsored the China PANDA Cycling Team.