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Ferei BL200X ultimate evaluation

2018-03-26 14:51:20 ferei light 57

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Compared to the developed countries in Europe and America, the night-ride activity in mainland China is still in its infancy. The scope still basically stays within the category of “brushing the street” to exercise (usually relying on street lights), and it is really a knight involved in cross-country night riding. It's very little. But it can also be seen that the fun brought by the cross-country night-ride activity is slowly being discovered by more races. The night races like the Dokas & Ferei Lighting China Downhill Points League are attracting more and more people. Racers participation.

I believe that the Cavaliers concerned about this kind of event will not be unfamiliar with the two-headed double bracket headlights of the Ferei BL200X. Since the BL200X has a very high playing rate in such events, I will take a closer look at them.

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First look at the "All the Features" of the BL200X double-headed double carriage headlights

Included in the package of Ferei BL200X:

BL200X bicycle light x1

VC43 easy-attached nylon belt for fixing the battery pack x1

BP4872B lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack x1 (four sections of 18650 battery)

AC200 charger x1

Rubber pad for different thickness of the handlebar Tablet x16

Below to give you details on Ferei BL200X

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The BL200X's shell is made of T6 aerospace aluminum. This material is light and strong, it can effectively withstand the impact, and can also play a better cooling effect. In addition, Ferei also carried out a military-grade hard anodizing treatment on the outer shell so that the surface of the outer shell could be protected from scratching and corrosion, and the waterproof sealing structure could also prevent water from penetrating into the light body during rain and snow weather. The clip holder on the shell can be easily clamped on the handlebars of different sizes with different thickness rubber gaskets.

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Legend: We are also trying to install the BL200X on the Kona Jake The Snake CX

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The interior of the BL200X light utilizes a constant-temperature circuit design. The battery indicator can show the battery's remaining status. The light head adopts a pair of XM-L2 Led light sources, combining up to 1280 lumens, can emit neutral white light double light holders; aluminum reflector cup inside the light head has also been optimized in shape, on the one hand can efficiently collect light, on the other hand can also Optimize the shape of the spot to prevent the light from causing interference to the car. In addition, the lens of the light head is also a coated optical lens, which not only prevents scratching but also improves transmission efficiency.

We have performed many long-term fatigue tests on the BL200X. The 7.4v BP4872B 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery pack lasts nearly three hours at the brightest setting. This continuous lighting time is greatly exceeded our expectations. At the same time, the design of the thermostatic circuit and the aerospace aluminum enclosure have played an outstanding cooling effect. After lighting for nearly 3 hours, the touch of the light body by hand has only a slight thermal sensation, and there is no expected situation of “Burn”.

However, considering that the user can also perform 8 levels of brightness adjustment on the BL200X according to personal preferences or needs, and the ambient temperature in the field will also affect the power supply capability of the battery, the working time of the BL200X in a specific environment may change.

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Double brackets with rubber washers ensure stability of the light body during rough rides, while VC43 nylon straps secure the battery pack to the frame, preventing battery packs from colliding with the frame during severe shock damage.


General comment: The BL200X is an excellent and reliable off-road night-ride lighting product.