• FEREI Rechargeable Twin <br>Head Focusing LED <br>Headlamp HL60

    FEREI Rechargeable Twin
    Head Focusing LED
    Headlamp HL60

    Product Characteristics 1.Rechargeable twin head focusing LED headlamp.2. Adjusted spot and flood beam  , the spot beam provide long range lighting, the flood beam provide a wide r

  • FEREI Twin head high<br> luminance LED headlamp<br> HL50Ⅱ

    FEREI Twin head high
    luminance LED headlamp

    Product Characteristics1. Twin head rechargeable LED headlamp.2. Strong spot beam.3. IPX4 Water resistant.4. 2200lumens for 4.3 hour.5. 8 Selectable brightness levels from 3%、6% to 83%.6. 4 selectable

  • FEREI   Rechargeable <br> Focusing  LED Headlamp<br>HL40II

    FEREI Rechargeable
    Focusing LED Headlamp

    Product Characteristics1 Focusing LED headlamp2 Zoom-able head for spot and flood beam3 Cool or neutral white LED version available4 IPX4 Water resistant5 1000 lumens for 4.3hours6 8 Selectable bright