Product Characteristics

1.Turn the light ON/OFF by pressing the rear tail cap button.
2.To select beam color turn the light on and briefly press the front button. Each time the button is briefly pressed and release
    it will change the beam color and default to 100% brightness.
3.To select brightness mode press and hold the front button. After approximately 2 seconds the beam will default to 10% and
    cycle through 10 levels of brightness until it reaches 100%. When the desired brightness is reached simply release the butt-
    on  and the selected brightness will be retained in memory. The brightness will stay in memory until user resets it or until
    another  beam color is selected.
4.The HS-3 Scan Light will not dim with usage. It is equipped with a low battery warning and a protective shut off feature. When
    the battery voltage gets low the front button will blink continuously for approximately 15 minutes before the HS-3 shuts off.
    This safety feature not only notifies the user when to change the battery but also keeps the battery from being ruined by a
     complete discharge.
5.The battery is shipped with only a partial charge. It is recommended to charge the battery before the first use.
6.The indicator light for the battery charger will be red while charging then turn green when completely charged.
7.Only use 3.7V protected Li-ion 18650 rechargeable batteries or standard lithium CR 123A (Never use 3.7V RCR 123A).
8.Battery should remain cold when charging. If the battery gets hot stop charging and dispose of the battery. Never use
   damaged or leaking batteries.
9.Do not store the battery in the light and/or in the charger.
10.When the light is not being used for long periods of time, the battery should be stored in a cool, dry place with a charge
     capacity between 60% and 90%.  To achieve this capacity, fully charge the battery then install the battery in the light and 
     run the light for approximately 30 to 40 minutes on 100% brightness. You should then remove the battery for storage. This
      will prolong the life of the battery. 

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