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 FEREI is a wellknown brand of outdoor extreme sports lighting in the world. FEREI brand founded in 2008 in  Shenzhen ,China, aimes to provide the best outdoor sports lighting to the extreme sports players.

  Since 2011, Ferei has successfully held ‘FEREI CUP’ DownHill night races for over 20 times, also sponsored a lot of night cycling events in China. HongKong cyclists Liu Shusen, Huang Hanchao and Li Zhicheng, who have participated in Asian Championships, are always using Ferei bicycle lights. Shenzhen Speed team, China KONA team, Quick team, Wildcat team and Tornado team, etc. always regard Ferei lights as the first choice for professional races. Besides, Ferei bicycle lights have got the consistent recognition and favor from professional-level night DownHill cyclists in Spain, France, Czech and Thailand.

FEREI sponsored trail running

FEREI HL20 Headlamp

  In 2012, the professional runner Brendan Davies from Australia used FEREI HL20 headlamp during UTMF2012 (Ultra Trail Mount Fuji) and highly approved Ferei headlamp.

FEREI HL20 Headlamp

  In 2013 , the top trail runner Anton Krupicka from USA used FEREI headlamp during UTMB 2013 (Ultra Trail Mont Blanc North Face) and obtained good achievement.

FEREI HL40 Headlamp

  In 2014 , the famous French ultra trailers Julien Chorier and Pascal Darre became Ferei users and equipped Ferei HL 40 (adjustable focus) in the race.

FEREI Headlamps

  In 2015, Ferei title sponsored the Dark 50 Mountain Marathon in HongKong. Ferei headlamps played a great role during the night time.  


FEREI Events

In 2012, Ferei W170 was chosen to be the military grade equipment for the Tunisia army.

In 2012, Ferei Diving Lights were qualified to be the professional grade in Ukraine.

In 2013, W170 was awarded to be the Best to Use in Saudi Arabia.

In 2014, Ferei was appointed as the specify brand for professional diving and underwater photography in both Italy and Finland.

In 2015, Ferei W158 was the assigned as diving lamp for the 150m - 200m deep diving instructor.

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